We Were Everywhere

“We are everywhere!”

The banner, carried by participants in the 1979 March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights, conveyed a claim of ubiquity that has been a recurrent message among LGBTQ people and our allies in the decades since.

Yes, we can be found in every walk of life, from doctors and lawyers and teachers and artistes to sales clerks and mechanics and fast food workers.  Some live open lives of wild flamboyance, others remain deeply closeted about their sexuality.

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Inspired to Queerly Remember

My friend Julie came to visit me in Lansing last summer.  She was in the midst of nine months “on the lam” to rescue their dog Tiberius from hateful neighbors in suburban Maryland.  She was living in Saginaw for the time being, in the house where she grew up, and was nearer than she’d been in a couple decades.  I relished getting to see her more often, Continue reading “Inspired to Queerly Remember”